The Story Behind The Pastry

About Us

With over 15 outlets in Tamil Nadu, they even have an outlet in the Maldives.

Welcome to Khalids biriyani

Khalids Biriyani is Namma Chennai’s Muslim-style biriyani. We make the one-pot dish more special with Basmati rice from Punjab.

Quality & Balance
Who We Are

Khalids Biriyani was started by the trio – Abdul Rahman (hotelier), Karthik Jayakumar (maritime), and Karthik Ganesan (technology and marketing) in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in Chennai.

With a mission to promote the heady taste and flavors of Namma Chennai to different parts of the world, we have perfected Chennai’s basmati biriyani.


Quality & Balance

Authentic and tasty basmati rice- dum- biriyanis that burst with flavors. We serve chicken, mutton, prawn, and egg biriyanis, bothà la carte and bucket biriyanis.

Procurement :
We, at Khalids Biriyani, are particular about the ingredients we use. While we procure Basmati rice from Punjab, the tender meat is from south of Tamil Nadu, Malimpadi.

Firewood cooking : 
What make the biriyani at Khalids stands out are its moist layers, lingering taste and flavorful aroma. We achieve the consistent taste of the biriyanis by cooking it in the traditional way, using firewood.


Pre-booking your biriyanis is passé. No more worries! We deliver our delicious Khalids Biriyani across Chennai within 90 minutes of receiving your order confirmation. Our high-end cloud telephony system is equipped to handle every call, even in the peak time of the day, and service you with our delicious fare.

You’ve to just dial: +91 78110 78111.

What People Are Saying
A technologist with an astute marketing experience, Karthik Ganesan, makes the impossible with possible. With a pulse on his customers, he strives to deliver an amplified biriyani ordering and savouring experience
Karthik Ganesan
Technology and Marketing
A passionate hotelier, Abdul Rahman, combines the traditional wisdom of cooking with technology to enhance the experience of relishing the authentic biriyanis at the time and place of
Abdul Rahman
A mariner, Karthi Jayakumar, brings in excellence in operations to augment the biriyani experience for the discerning customers. He imparts a never say no attitude and resilience to the team and the
Karthi Jayakumar